p/n 0E10/09111P1N

Twin ram hoist p/n 0E10/85 with pump p/n 0E90F/111 and follower plate p/n 0E11/64 for 200 kg drums


Product sheet

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Ratio 11:1
Flow rate 30 l/min
Pump p/n 0E90F/111
Suction tube ø 45
Ram hoist p/n 0E10/85
Follower plate p/n 0E11/60
Adaptor p/n 0E21/64
Pump connection hose p/n 963/015
Follower plate connection hose p/n 953/1
Suitable for drums 200 kg
Packing No. 1 - 1,80 m³
Weight 225 kg
Height max/min 280-180 cm
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